Office Executive

Pro at managing data and number crunching tasks? Kiosk Kaffee is looking for you!

You’d be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of an office and ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently. This may include managing administrative staff, coordinating with other departments, and implementing office policies and procedures.



  • Acting as a liaison between the executive and other employees, customers, and vendors
  • Settle records with franchise owners to ensure smooth functioning. 
  • Maintaining records of invoices, generating invoices and clearing them in a timely fashion.
  • Performing research and gathering information as needed
  • Managing and maintaining confidential information and records
  • Providing general administrative support as needed.
  • Coordinating with other departments, such as finance, human resources, and sales, to ensure that the office is meeting the needs of the company
  • Developing and implementing office policies and procedures to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Managing office budgets and expenses
  • Ensuring that the office is properly equipped and maintained, including ordering supplies and equipment as needed
Job Category: Office Executive
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Pune

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