Celebrating Kiosk Kaffee’s Franchises Accomplishments

Kiosk Kaffee Franchise

From the awesome and unique tumblers to the crazy and cool flavours of Frappuccinos – there is no end to the awesome things you can find at your local Kiosk Kaffee India store! Kiosk Kaffee specialties like Iced americano and Java chip frappuccino are only matched by the monthly Indian premium coffee blends!

Kiosk Kaffee grew from humble beginnings as a coffee shop in Pune’s famous district to become one of the most unique Kiosk franchises in the whole global coffee empire! Kiosk Kaffee offers so many unique beverages to offer, no matter when you visit, from crossovers with premium lip smacking snacks to convenience store collaborations! 

To commemorate the occasion of honouring Kiosk Kaffee franchises, they inaugurated 2 outlets in 2 cities – right to you in ‘Bom-bae’ and tech giant city ‘Pune’ followed by a huge celebration.

The bonafide trendsetters of affordable coffee chains with 30 premium locations across various states, is on track to launch more coffee chains or Kiosk Kaffee franchises at a rapid pace PAN India. Kiosk Kaffee is a vertically integrated coffee brand in India. Kiosk Kaffee’s menu features everything from signature hot and cold coffees to distinctive international coffees, best premium snacks, delicious desserts, and pastries. 

Kiosk Kaffee has been elevating coffee craftsmanship and providing unique experiences to the consumers in India for the past 2 years. Our Kiosk Kaffee menu has a broad range of options. For instance, if a family of four arrives, each person can order and enjoy a beverage. 

For instance, if children arrive, they can have a bubblegum milkshake or a blueberry cheesecake milkshake; if a fitness enthusiast arrives, he can sip a black coffee; if a person isn’t a fan of caffeine, they can choose ice tea or mojitos. 

As a result, our cuisine offers something for everyone.


 We cherish the excellent relationships we have with our clients and will continue to innovate and develop in order to improve India’s coffee culture,” Kiosk Kaffee founder Sangram Patil stated. “Kiosk Kaffee blends are a selection of the rarest, most remarkable coffees Kiosk has to offer, and transports customers and coffee connoisseurs to an immersive and personalised coffee trip. It all comes down to the customer experience and interaction, the tale of Kiosk coffee, and the skill of the baristas.”


Interesting Tips: Kiosk Kaffee Franchise


  • Kiosk Kaffee products are perishable. They have a shelf life of more than 6 months, ensuring sustainability and zero waste. They use tetra pack premium milk – same as Starbucks!
  • Kiosk Kaffee franchise model is based on promising returns with low investment with 24×7 operational support, staff training and support and quick revenue returns.
  • Kiosk Kaffee has partnered with non-profit groups, community leaders, and organisational stakeholders to facilitate corporate social responsibilities such as providing school stationary to students in need. 
  • Kiosk Kaffee has been nominated twice in Pune Times Mirror The Fab Champs 2.0 under the category – ‘Best Coffee Shop’.


Highlighting Evolution and Expansion of Kiosk Kaffee Franchises


Founded by Sangram Patil, Nilesh Pasalkar and Savan Oswal in 2020, Kiosk Kaffee is a coffee cafe chain that sells numerous varieties of coffees, premium snacks and merchandise in Kiosk, Cafe and Lounge models.

In FY22, the brand emerged as a sole chain to four times its revenue targets in just 2 Years from 1.5 Cr to 7 Cr. To be precise, it was a 400% increase in revenue. In Spite of covid dwelling businesses to bite dust, Kiosk Kaffee still emerged as a bold brand in the coffee industry. 

Kiosk Kaffee celebrates ‘women in coffee’ by employing 100+ women across Kiosk outlets and working towards a sustainable model of coffee. The Kiosk Kaffee outlets are famous amongst the public as it receives around 1000+ orders in a day which includes both online and offline orders with a huge turnover on a daily basis.We are also partners with various brands such as swiggy, zomato etc to help increase our sustainability practices and decrease plastic consumption.


We are a sustainable coffee brand because we provide residual coffee powder to consumers, who utilise it as fertiliser, resulting in zero waste.

Kiosk Kaffee is driving large-scale innovation to meet our 2030 aspirations through the following four priority areas:

  • Expanding plant based menu options
  • Shifting away from single use reusable packaging
  • Better ways to manage waste
  • Designing more responsible stores, operations, production, and delivery methods

Kiosk Kaffee has a bold vision of becoming a resource positive company, taking less and giving more to the world in all aspects of its operations, including coffee.We buy coffee from over 400,000 growers in India and across the world and are committed to a sustainable future in coffee.

Kiosk Kaffee is now a fast growing B2C brand and is available in outlets with over 30+ outlets and 3 different online marketplaces including swiggy, zomato etc.



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