Classic Pairings of Kaffee and Desserts: Guide by Kiosk Kaffee

Coffee and cookies

The Aroma of the Coffee
The coffee aroma is just as important as the taste and mouthfeel in pairing it with the perfect dessert. If the coffee has no distinct coffee aroma, it is likely to lack flavour as well. So the best way to tell if an aromatic coffee will go well with your dessert or dessert recipes is to see how it blends with the dessert you’re planning. According to the Kiosk Kaffee experts, coffees can have complex flavour notes like nutty and floral, so consider these characteristics when deciding on the best dessert pairing.
Avoid coffees and desserts with similar flavour profiles, unless there are other flavour profiles that can be enhanced. You wouldn’t want to pair a Kiosk Nutty Nutella with a slice of nutella pie, for example.
The light roast has the lightest body and the highest acidity of the three roasts. It tastes smooth and mellow. Cookies, fresh fruit tarts, meringues, and fluffy cakes go well with light roasted coffee. The citrus flavours in the coffee beans are brought out by the short roasting time.

In comparison to light roasted coffee, medium roasted coffee has a balanced flavour and is acidic in nature. This coffee goes well with creamy desserts with a light texture and even a spice element, such as tiramisu, crème brulee, apple pie, carrot cake, banana cake, and fruit cheesecakes.
Dark roasted coffee has a distinct smoky flavour. It is not particularly acidic, but it has a substantial body. These best coffees have a rich, silky texture and a flavour that lasts. They go well with biscotti, croissants, and rich desserts such as thick cheesecakes, heavy chocolate cakes, and sweet nutty desserts such as pecan pie or baklava. The creamy and sweet flavours in these delicacies balance out the bitterness of the coffee. The flavours emerge stronger and better when the coffee is served as an espresso.

Let’s take a look at some of your favourite coffee and dessert pairings, whether it’s a morning sweet treat with your cup of Kiosk Kaffee or a dessert before bed paired with a mug of your favourite joe.

Kiosk’s Dark Chocolate Cookie
Best served with: Light or medium roast coffee.
You can’t go wrong with a chocolate dessert, and a perfectly brewed mug of Kiosk Kaffee enhances an already delicious dessert.
So don’t be surprised if a platter of these chewy, comforting dark chocolate chunk cookies vanishes moments after they come out of the oven.
The cookies’ intense cocoa flavour stands up well to a bolder, darker roast.

Kiosk’s Milk Chocolate Cookie
Best served with: Dark roast coffee
Is it a dessert or a snack? Kiosk Milk Chocolate Cookies can be whatever you want them to be! Chocolate cookies are frequently the ultimate snack for both adults and children. Despite its origins in the United States, Kiosk Kaffee – the best coffee cafe has explored all the width and dimensions of the cookie world to bring out the best for you! Kiosk milk chocolate cookies are thin, slightly crisp around the edges, but surprisingly chewy, soft, and chocolate-filled!

Kiosk’s Red Velvet Cookie
Best Served with: Iced Drinks
Kiosk’s Iced Americanos, like lattes, are popular among coffee enthusiasts. They are typically made by combining espresso and hot mineral water to produce a softer espresso. This means that Americanos are often more full-bodied than lattes, so pair them with medium / fairly rich desserts.
We prefer to pair it with Kiosk red velvet cookies out of all the options available. Not only are they strong enough to be heard over the flavour of the drink, but they are simply delicious to eat with a Kiosk Kaffee blend.


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