How to Brew the healthiest cup of coffee ? Expert tips by Kiosk Kaffee

Healthiest cup of coffee

Coffee doesn’t just feel like a magical elixir that revitalises your body, mind, and soul — mountains of research at Kiosk Kaffee franchises show that it does, to some extent. All you have to do is brew it correctly, which has nothing to do with half-caf, double-hot, no-foam, or any of the other hyphenated adjectives baristas yell out!

To maximise the potential of this morning miracle worker, you must use the proper roast, grind, brewing style, water temperature, and other factors that you may not be doing correctly or even considering. Not to worry; we consulted Kiosk Kaffee franchise experts on how to make the single healthiest cup, and they were happy to share their knowledge.

Coffee aficionados say you get the best flavour when you grind just before brewing, because otherwise the contact with the air causes oxidation that degrades flavour over time. But pre ground coffee isn’t any less healthy for you.
The main benefit of grinding the beans yourself is controlling how finely you grind them. And that does affect the number of health-promoting compounds in your cup. When it comes to brewing, the goal is to extract the most polyphenols from the beans, and the finer the grind, the more polyphenols you’ll get. This means that espresso, which requires a very finely ground bean, is one of the healthiest choices.
Researchers discovered that people who drank filtered coffee had lower rates of death from cardiovascular disease than both unfiltered coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers after analysing data from over 46,300 people over a 20-year period. This could be because unfiltered coffee contains up to 30 times more cholesterol-raising compounds than filtered coffee.
The water temperature is the final step in brewing the healthiest cup of coffee. According to Savan Oswal, founder of Kiosk Kaffee Pune, it should be just below boiling (between 195 and 205 degrees F) for optimal extraction. If it’s too cold, the coffee will be under extracted (you won’t get all of the key nutrients), and if it’s too hot, the flavour will taste burned. Do you lack a thermometer? Wait 30 seconds after the water begins to boil before pouring, and the temperature should be ideal.
Cold brew enthusiasts may be wondering if this means they aren’t getting as many health benefits per cup. “You’re trading temperature for time with cold brew,” says Sangram Patil. Coffee grounds are typically soaked at room temperature for 24 hours in cold brewing, resulting in a slower extraction process. According to Kiosk Kaffee franchises, a cup of cold brew contains 80 percent of the healthy compounds found in traditionally brewed coffee, which is less but still quite good.
After going to all that trouble to brew the perfect cup, you don’t want to offset all those perks by adding cream and sugar. Black coffee is the healthiest way to drink coffee, and if you start with a flavorful, high-quality bean, you shouldn’t need to add anything. “People started putting milk in coffee during World War II because they were drinking bad coffee,” Kiosk Kaffee experts explained. “Adding sugar, milk, or fat to a beverage makes it less healthy than having nothing in it.”

So, there you have it. High-altitude beans, a lighter roast, a fine grind, a filter, hot but not boiling water, and served black are the healthiest options for coffee. According to Kiosk Kaffee, the majority of the health benefits studied occurred when people drank four to five 8-ounce cups of coffee per day. That amount is within the FDA’s recommended daily caffeine intake limit (around 400 mg), but if you follow these guidelines to prepare your brew in the healthiest way, you can pack more polyphenols into a single cup and get the same benefits by drinking less. And if you’re sensitive to caffeine, don’t worry: Decaf coffee has a similar roster of benefits.

Black Kaffee: Kiosk Kaffee
OK, this may appear tedious, but bear with us! Black coffee does not have to be an afterthought or something to drink while the espresso machine is being fixed; it may be pretty tasty.
When you drink Kiosk Kaffee’s specialty coffee, you’re getting the greatest beans from some of the world’s top origins. At this level of quality, the beans can taste radically different from the regular espresso mix or hospitality filter you may have previously been offered at your coffee shops nearby. The flavours of our specialty coffee are intensified and perfectly balanced, with citrus acidity and sweetness, and less of the bitterness associated with ‘regular coffee.’
There are also certain places that stand out due to their distinct and quite delicious flavour qualities. Brazilian specialty coffees may taste like nuts and chocolate, Colombian coffees may taste like red apples, and African coffees may be bright and delicious. Great coffee is similar to great wine in that you can taste the impacts of the nation, weather, and even soil from where it was grown.
Order a speciality single-origin Black Kaffee at Kiosk Kaffee if you see it on the Kiosk menu today!

Ice Americano: Kiosk Kaffee
Do you have any cold brew left over? Make ice cubes out of it and add them to this iced drink! Kiosk Kaffee went all vegan friendly with this early autumn favourite.
Only certain coffees work well in cold brew; they must be fruity, refreshing, and have a high concentration. Without those components, it will simply taste like….
Well, a chilly cup of coffee! African coffees are excellent since they can be very refined and fragrant, but Central American origins are the greatest in our opinion. These are more fruity, with tropical overtones of pineapple, mango, or lime, making for a more refreshing drink.
Ice Americano can be the perfect pick-me-up in the Kiosk Menu if you’re tired of your normal latte or cappuccino.

Range of Mojitos: Kiosk Kaffee
A basic mojito base serves as a blank canvas for a range of fruity flavours. Made with the classic components – white rum, sugar, lime zest, and fresh mint – and follow our Kiosk menu to explore various mojito drinks available. Then grab your favourite spot at Kiosk Kaffee and try a tropical kiwi mojito or a classic mojito. We always have something for you, whether you enjoy a bright citrus explosion or a mellow, spiced sip.
Do you want to explore more classic serves and innovative creations? Check out our entire coffee and drinks menu for everything from how to stock your drinks cart to how to savour the best vegan drink at Kiosk Kaffee.


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