How to get ready for an energetic day?

Cappuccino coffee recipe

Aren’t you tired of the same process of waking up every morning & that too in a groggy state and heading toward work? 


So here is a one-stop solution to lead an energetic day


Let me share an exciting recipe on how to make cappuccino at home. 


You’ll have to put in a bit of effort for that. Please?


Ingredients : 


     ⤑   1/4th cup of instant coffee   

     ⤑   1/4th cup of sugar  

     ⤑   3 tbsp water 

     ⤑   2 cups of milk 


Recipe : 


  • Firstly, take a large bowl & put 1/4th cup of instant coffee, 1/4th cup of sugar & 3 tbsp of water. 
  • Mix up the ingredients well, until the sugar is dissolved properly. 
  • Check the color of the mixture & stop mixing once the color turns frothy & light in color. 
  • Once, the mixture is ready; transfer it into an airtight container. 
  • Heat two cups of milk in a vessel & boil it till it turns frothy. 
  • Take a cup & add 1 tbsp of the cappuccino mixture. 
  • Top it up with a cup of frothy milk & mix gently. 
  • Top it up with a few sprinkles of instant coffee for an aesthetically pleasing look. (optional) 


Now, that you know how to make cappuccino at home, I am sure you can make it!


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