Kiosk Kaffee Brews Up a Storm on Shark Tank India. Enquire For Best Franchise Opportunity Now!

In the bustling world of business, every once in a while, a company comes along that truly captures the imagination of the people and so is Shark Tank India season 3. Enter Kiosk Kaffee, the Pune-based coffee brand that’s taking the nation by storm with its rapid growth and international brews at desi prices.


Established in 2020, we have quickly become a household name, boasting over 70+ outlets spread across the length and breadth of India. We are not just any coffee brand; it’s a sensation—a favourite among the youth and a recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious title of Pune’s most iconic coffee brand.


But the real magic happened when we stepped onto the stage of Shark Tank India on 28th March, 2024 at PM (SONY TV) capturing the attention of both investors and viewers alike. The sharks were hooked from the moment they tasted the brand’s delicious offerings, with even industry genius Piyush Bansal, founder of Lenskart, declaring it his personal favourite. No doubt our shot is still airing as Shark Tank’s best episodes.


What sets Kiosk Kaffee apart isn’t just its exceptional coffee but also its awesome team culture—a blend of positivity and inclusivity that permeates every aspect of the brand. It’s this spirit that has fueled the company’s remarkable growth and endeared it to customers nationwide.


Looking to the future, we have our sights set even higher, with plans to open over 100 outlets by the end of the year. For aspiring entrepreneurs eager to be part of this extraordinary journey, best franchise opportunities in 2024 abound, offering a chance to join the Kiosk Kaffee family.


Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply someone who appreciates a good success story, Kiosk Kaffee’s journey is one that’s sure to inspire.


 So, grab your favourite cup of coffee and join the revolution—because when it comes to brewing success, Kiosk Kaffee is leading the charge!

To catch the full episode of Kiosk Kaffee’s appearance on Shark Tank India, head to the official Shark Tank YouTube channel or tune in to SONY TV. And for those interested in franchise opportunities, reach out to Kiosk Kaffee directly for more information at +91 8766628320 | +91 7666513584.


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