Have you ever wondered about the daily strong espresso you take from the comfort of your chair? Have you thought about the origin of espresso and the healthy coffee to drink? If you have never tried espresso shots, do have one right after you read about espresso. If you have tried espresso and did not like it, it is very evident that the cafe did not know how to make a good espresso. Try Kiosk Kaffee –  Espresso and you won’t be disappointed!

Kiosk Kaffee is here to tell you a tale about espresso, how it changed the world and their best beverage –  espresso shot

Let me educate you on the origin of espresso….

Espresso was invented in Italy around 100 years ago, by Luigi Bezerra from Milan. He invented the concept of a steam-pressure way of brewing coffee. The word “Caffe espresso” refers to pressed out coffee. Espresso had become popular around the world by the 1940s. Italians also have a role to play in the story of espresso.

Italian thoughts and ideals about espresso shots or espresso coffee are so different from the rest of the westernised American espresso lovers. Most Italians still consume their home made espresso and prefer it over going outside to have espresso. The espresso with a rich soft layer of foam is very satisfying to have at any time of the day.

Is espresso coffee healthier?

Espresso shot is known to have many health benefits like – strengthens long term memory, improves concentration, high in antioxidant, boost in physical activity, low in calorie, aids in weight loss, improves digestion, reduces chances of diabetes & improves mood.All these health benefits deem espresso to be a healthy coffee to drink.

Kiosk Kaffee is known to have the best espresso – vanilla espresso shot. Smooth shots of espresso get the perfect amount of steamed whole milk to create a not-too-strong, not-too-creamy, just-right flavour with an essence of vanilla.This is absolutely a delicious beverage which can be taken at any time of the day. Kiosk kaffee ensures the best production of espresso.

Usually, espresso is also known to be more popular than regular coffee. This is because of the different type of pressure system which enables the production of thick syrupy liquid with a delicious light brown foam on the top. The special brewing method is what makes it so different from all the other ways of making coffee. The finely grounded coffee & the extracted flavours are too hard to resist.

Additionally, caffeine and antioxidants in espresso help to speed up metabolism and elevate mood. Although espresso can be enjoyed just as is, consumers can avoid the additional sugar and sweeteners that are sometimes added to other coffee drinks. Espresso is a more concentrated kind of coffee with more flavour and caffeine than other coffee drinks, it is superior to them. Water is usually added to brewed coffee, which dilutes its flavour and potency. Espresso, on the other hand, is a richer and stronger beverage that is created by passing hot water under pressure over finely ground coffee beans. Because of this, espresso’s caffeine content is more akin to that of tea, which makes it a fantastic option for people seeking an energy boost.

According to International coffee day, there has been a new entry in the list of famous coffee around the world & this time it is South India’s famous – Filter coffee – the rich aroma & the impact it has on coffee lovers is crazy. There has also been a growing popularity of a unique range of coffee brands which serve espresso / let you make your own at home. Some of them are – Sleepy Owl, Blue Tokai Coffee, Kruti coffee & the Organic Tattva. Apart from this there are some more coffee brands which you can try – Nescafe, Bru & Tata – some of the most trusted coffee brands in the country.

Now, you know all about the origin, health benefits and popularity of espresso. Get up and rush to your nearest kiosk kaffee serving you the best espresso in your area. Give it a try & go crazy by the very essence of coffee.



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