What’s Brewing at Kiosk Kaffee?

Kiosk Kaffee Brewing best coffee

Kiosk Kaffee is envisioned as India’s counterpart to the top coffee brands in the world.
It all began when three engineering college pals banded together to answer a single question- d
“How can we make good coffee affordable to the everyday consumer?”
Thus began three years of intense research, innumerable coffee tastings, research and development, experimenting, and planning.
For around 1100 distinct recipes, we explored hundreds of coffee blends and brands over the course of two years. We produced a viable architecture for the

kiosk module after two years. After years of searching for the ultimate premium coffee blend, we discovered that over 30 beverage recipes not only tasted amazing but also fit inside our pricing range.
Years were spent honing every recipe, and in-house trainers and Kaffee experts laid the groundwork for the success that you see today. Everyone wanted to be a part of the hip coffee scene, and Kiosk Kaffee provided the ideal atmosphere. You may go on dates, attend job interviews, or simply hang around with your buddies. India had over 25+ Kiosk Kaffee outlets scattered across the country’s many cities.

Our Roasteries
To raise the bar, we are always researching, testing, and applying best practices throughout the Kiosk Kaffee. Every harvest season, Kiosk Kaffee Coffee Roasters evaluates hundreds of coffee bean samples by cupping them before making our final selections. Our highly skilled crew is always evolving by conducting advanced sensory training for our roasters and experimenting with processing methods at the ground level.
Although we have a dedicated coffee bean procurement team and have invested in establishing excellent roasting criteria, we are aware that many more steps must be taken in order to brew a good cup of coffee.

Our Beliefs
Kiosk Kaffee is a brand on a mission to deliver the greatest coffee that is fragrant and full of flavours at reasonable prices for the average person. We adhere to the philosophy of “Made in India with Love.” Our goal is to grow from 20 locations and 100 people to 40 locations and 300 staff by the end of 2022. We are on a mission to serve you high-quality, superior-tasting coffee and espresso drinks that you can enjoy on the move. We source, roast, test, and calibrate our beans in-house. We are dedicated to roasting, grinding, brewing, and drinking quality coffee at a reasonable price.

A culture of continuous learning is essential for moving coffee ahead.

Making refractometers mandatory for cafe brewing, hosting advanced sensory learnings for junior roasters, and experimenting with processing at the ground level are just a few of the ways our highly skilled team is constantly evolving the way Indian coffee at Kiosk Kaffee is treated, experienced, and communicated about.

We empower women in coffee
We promote all aspects of early learning, industrial training, and women in leadership positions in India. We are really pleased with our team and what they have done. Our more than 50 Indian women are paving the way and demonstrating that anything is possible.

We pride ourselves on our pricing
What truly worked in Kiosk Kaffee’s favour was our clever pricing. We drastically cut the cost of a drink like a cappuccino to Rs. 59, which is normally priced between Rs. 200 and 400 in the mainstream market. Naturally, young people looking for a low-cost but high-quality brew experience have gravitated toward Kiosk Kaffee.

Pouring hearts into your brew experience
Our coffee range was assembled following months of coffee estate trips and many coffee cupping and tasting sessions after we started the Kiosk Kaffee during the lockdown. The company took delight in competing with the top coffee overseas brands and consistently won customers over on taste, quality, and value. Our unique selling point is that we deliver coffee that youngsters relish.

The journey from 50sq. To 500 sq ft.
The kiosk’s story began with a 50 sq ft space. As we strive to expand across India, we take pride in our simplicity and quality assurance.

In many respects, we are unique.
Not all coffees are made in the same way. The flavour and strength of the drink vary depending on the brewing style. There are some brewing styles that we use. Across our fleet of locations, our well-trained baristas ensure that you get the best in every cup.

Providing the greatest coffee experience possible
We like to experiment with our expertly produced ice teas, thick shakes, hot chocolates, cold coffees, and, of course, unusual hot coffees that round off that Instagram image nicely. Kiosk Kaffee has everyone’s heart, from Tiramisu coffee to iced brews.


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