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What’s the best way to get a great cup of coffee every day?
Kiosk Kaffee, India’s Best Rated Coffee Brand Online, has now opened cafes throughout Pan India. Kiosk Kaffee can be found in Solapur, Mumbai and Pune. Freshest roasts, boldest brews, and a variety of fresh gourmet foods such as sandwiches, all-day breakfast, and desserts are our main forte.
Exactly a year ago in December 2020, all of us were looking back at a challenging year, hoping that the new year around the corner was even slightly easier than what we had gone through. While 2021 did not start on a great note for the world, we all learnt to stride through. As the best coffee brand in India, we’ve gone through various changes this year, and we’re grateful that they’ve all pushed us closer to our goals. So, here’s a look back at a year in which Kiosk Kaffee innovated and expanded under difficult circumstances, all while remaining true to its mission of providing the best cup of specialty coffee and made it to the top as the best coffee cafe in Pune.
In 2020, we raised the bar for our fundamental pillars of openness, accessibility, knowledge, and ease by incorporating them across all of our solutions to individual customers and B2B partners equally. We debuted a few new products this year, reinvented some old ones, and increased our efforts to address the growing demand for the best cup of coffee across all Kiosk franchises.
At Kiosk Kaffee, we have successfully roasted over 1,000 tonnes of coffee. That is not all! We also opened our biggest coffee cafe in Pune last year. So, the next time you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by for some freshly roasted coffee to go with our freshly baked best red velvet cookies and talk with our roasters.
2021 has also seen a number of major launches. This year, we inaugurated 30+ new physical locations, and by the end of the fiscal year, Kiosk Kaffee will have more new cafes, improving your out-of-home coffee-drinking experience. We’ve already served nearly 3 million cups of coffee to our ever-growing community of specialty coffee drinkers at our physical locations.
Nothing screams the most wonderful time of year like the grand entry of the Kiosk Kaffee, different cups and varieties of coffee. This year marks the 2nd anniversary of the legendary brew cup brand – 2 openings in 2 cities! as well as the reintroduction of a full Kiosk Kaffee menu of seasonal artisan beverages, festive food and the best coffee merchandise near you!


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