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Attention coffee lovers! Are you tired of waiting in long queues or traveling far distances just to get your favorite coffee or the best coffee near you? We know you’re tired of searching, “order food online”,order a mojito and ice tea or simply order food and beverages near you!

 Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Introducing Kiosk Kaffee, now available on Zomato and Swiggy! That’s right, you can now get your favorite kaffee orders delivered right to your doorstep, anywhere and anytime!  It’s more of a dream come true – Kiosk Kaffee drinks in the comfort of your home! 

Imagine waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, craving a steaming hot cup of kaffee, and with just a few clicks on your phone, it’s on its way to you. Or maybe you’re at work and need a little pick-me-up to power through the rest of the day – our coffee is just a few taps away.

But why settle for just any kaffee when you can have the best at Kiosk Kaffee franchises? Our coffee beans are carefully sourced from the finest farms around the world and expertly roasted to perfection. We pride ourselves on delivering a consistently delicious cup of kaffee every time across all Kiosk Kaffee franchises along with the fastest delivery via our website or Zomato/Swiggy. 

And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience.  You can order summer drinks online or coffee at the best price in India via us. Our kaffee is just as delicious when it’s delivered as it is when it’s brewed fresh in our cafes. Plus, our partnership with Zomato and Swiggy means that you can enjoy our kaffee anytime, anywhere, without ever having to leave your home or office.

On top of that, We have some exciting news to share with you. Our Kiosk Kaffee brand has been blowing up on Zomato and Swiggy lately. We’re talking crazy numbers of orders – it’s been amazing!

Thanks to our partnership with these food delivery giants, we can now bring our delicious coffee straight to your doorstep whether you want to order food online or coffee and shake, no matter where you are. And judging by the number of orders we’re receiving, it seems you guys really love it!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Zomato or Swiggy app now and get ready to indulge in the best coffee experience of your life. Cheers to good kaffee and food for better convenience!

Great Coffee Everyday At Your Doorstep: Kiosk Kaffee

We know you have been doing constant searches like ‘Coffee at your location’, ‘Buy coffee online in Pune’, Order sandwich from Zomato or Swiggy or ‘IPL offers going on Zomato’! Trust us, Kiosk Kaffee always got you!


As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, people are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives. One such example of an urge to simplify lives includes googling for hours and hours such as order online from Zomato and Swiggy’ or ‘order the best coffee from Zomato and swiggy’. 

One thing that has become a staple for many people is their daily dose of caffeine. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and has become a crucial part of people’s routines. For those who don’t have the time to brew their own cup of coffee, there are countless best coffee shops and cafes that offer a wide variety of options.

One such coffee brand is Kiosk Kaffee  that has become a go-to for many coffee enthusiasts and is now available on Zomato and swiggy. You can literally explore the Zomato,swiggy coffee menu or healthy food from zomato,swiggy and you’ll find Kiosk Kaffee is what you were just looking for!

 This is great news for all coffee lovers who are looking for a quick and convenient way to get their caffeine fix. Zomato and Swiggy are a popular online platform that allows users to search for and order food and beverages from nearby restaurants and cafes. With the addition of Kiosk Kaffee to the platform, customers can now easily order their favourite coffee blends with just a few clicks at the comfort of their homes or living spaces.

The Kiosk Kaffee menu on Zomato and Swiggy features a wide range of options that cater to all kinds of coffee preferences. From classic espressos and cappuccinos to more exotic flavours like hazelnut and vanilla, there’s something for everyone. Customers can also choose their preferred brewing method, whether it’s a French press or drip coffee.

In addition to the variety of coffee options, the Kiosk Kaffee’s listing on Zomato and Swiggy also features customer reviews and ratings, allowing new customers to make informed decisions before placing their order. This is a great feature for those who are trying the Kiosk Kaffee for the first time and are unsure of which blend to choose.

For regular customers of the Kiosk Kaffee, the availability of Zomato and Swiggy as a platform for ordering coffee is a welcome convenience. Whether they’re at work, at home, or on the go, they can now easily order their favourite cup of coffee without having to physically visit a coffee shop. This saves them time and energy, allowing them to focus on other tasks while still being able to enjoy their daily cup of coffee.

In conclusion, the coffee brand’s availability on Zomato is great news for coffee enthusiasts who are always on the go. With a wide variety of coffee blends and brewing methods to choose from, customers can easily order their favourite cup of coffee from the comfort of their own home or office. So, if you’re in need of a quick caffeine fix, be sure to check out Kiosk Kaffee on Zomato and Swiggy!


This season, celebrate your cricket fandom with exciting live match screenings of all matches at the top kaffee brand in India. With the IPL Season back in town, we know you’ve been running back home to sit in front of your TV sets and enjoy the matches, but what if we told you that you can catch all the live action with your friends while chugging some chilled drinks and munching on some delicious snacks? What better way to toast your team’s strong innings than with a glass of crisp craft kaffee and a plate of snacks and desserts at Kiosk Kaffee?

This IPL season, gather your friends and head to Kiosk Kaffee to watch all the LIVE IPL action on the big screens while sipping frothy beverages and feasting on mouth-watering delicacies *happy sigh*! 



A pitch-perfect plan for IPL 2022! Nail-biting, sitting on the edge of your seat, and cheering for your favourite team over delectable food and drinks! Kiosk Kaffee is a local favourite for delicious food and drinks and good times. It is one of India’s highest-rated cafes. The menu is exotic, and the décor is lovely. Kiosk Kaffee is highly recommended for IPL live screenings across PAN INdia in 40+ outlets.


India – The ongoing Indian Premier League season has helped cloud kitchen and restaurant owners do brisk business after a great March quarter, with customers flocking to pubs and eateries to watch live screenings of T20 matches, as well as an increase in online orders.

Kiosk Kaffee founders have also planned activities around the sporting extravaganza, as it has always contributed to a rise in consumption. Although, IPL matches are aired across platforms, some claim that live screenings at Kiosk Kaffee are attracting a great crowd and people often hangout with their family and friends to enjoy the IPL live screening with their favourite drinks and snacks at Kiosk Kaffee. 

With the cash-rich league returning to a home-and-away format for the first time since 2019, the industry is witnessing a rise in footfall and online orders. The IPL was postponed in 2020 and will now be held in the Middle East. Last year, it was only held in a few venues in Maharashtra, with the playoffs taking place in Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Viacom18, a Reliance Industries-controlled broadcasting network, outbid rival Disney Star for the five-year digital rights for Rs. 23,757 crore. However, Disney Star has retained the television rights for Rs. 23,575 crore.

The community viewing experience is also attracting young people to Kiosk Kaffee. “We can see people coming to watch the games. Sports, in our opinion, are becoming a community viewing event. We do a lot of screenings (almost of every IPL match) and are seeing an increase in the number of sports fan clubs. We saw a good start to the month with IPL, and we hope it continues,” said Disha Gandhi, chief marketing officer at Kiosk Kaffee. 

The brand Kiosk Kaffee operates over 40 social outlets, among other dining formats, and has made “significant” investments in sports, including getting exciting offers for the customers and arranging live screening programs. 



International Women’s Day is here to help us form a gender-equal world. This day is all about recognising and honouring women’s accomplishments! In honour of this wonderful day, we wanted to recognise some incredible women, businesses, and initiatives that are making a difference for ladies in the coffee industry.

Why Are We Celebrating Women In Coffee?
When it comes to making the perfect brew, women have vital responsibilities.
That is the difficult work of tending farms and managing bean harvesting for some. Others may be roasting and developing the flavour profiles we know and love.
Behind the scenes, there are numerous roles in the coffee industry. These jobs could include women spearheading sustainability initiatives, sales and marketing, and so much more.
While women now have more opportunities than ever before, the struggle is far from over.

Celebrating Women’s Day At Kiosk Kaffee
We value and celebrate the impact that women have on our cafes every day at Kiosk Kaffee. From our very own female employees, both in stores and in the corporate office to the numerous female franchise owners and higher managerial positions of amazing products we carry; they are all working tirelessly day in and day out to put the best coffee in town; to grow in their flourishing careers; and to make a difference in today’s workforce.
Kiosk Kaffee is proud to announce that the majority of baristas at Kiosk Kaffee are powerful women who are your mothers, wife, sisters and simply wonderful women!
We also launched a social media campaign to emphasise women importance in coffee industry and some interesting slogans are put out there such as:
“We value our women opinion at work as much as any gender”
“I Am more relaxed when she is in the driving seat”.

These women out there at Kiosk Kaffee are proud of their demanding responsibilities and significant accomplishments, and they should be recognised for it!


The most awaited and colourful festival in India, Holi, is around the corner. The event is not only a celebration of joy and good times, but it also features delectable foods and beverages. Food, beverages, and Holi all go together. There is probably no better way to experience the soul of this festival than to play with colours and quench the thirst of fanaticism with amazing mocktails – and what better way to do that than to enjoy the delectable Kiosk Kaffee non-alcoholic beverages that go far beyond the traditional Holi drinks like thandai and jaljeera.
Holi celebrations have become ‘foodie central’ in recent years, with an exciting lineup of innovative foods and beverages that will leave you spoilt for choice. So, this year, enjoy Kiosk Kaffee amazing mocktails while enjoying the colourful festival. These mystical drinks will undoubtedly provide you and your visitors with a memorable experience.

Kiwi Mojito: We all love a sight of yummy green drink right? Kiosk Kaffee got you! The Kiwi Mojito is a refreshing twist on the traditional cocktail and the ideal summer drink. It is something to drool upon with the essence of ripe kiwis, lime juice, sparkling water and a hint of all time favourite mint. The kiwi mojito is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for summer evenings or any occasion that calls for a fruity and refreshing drink. The combination of tangy lime, sweet kiwi, and aromatic mint creates a balanced and flavorful drink that is sure to please.

Classic Mojito: Kiosk Kaffee got classic mojito more trendier and holier with its colourful holi spirit! The classic mojito is a refreshing cocktail made with fresh mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and soda water. The drink is believed to have originated in Cuba and has become a popular cocktail worldwide.
To add a finishing touch to the drink, Kiosk Kaffee adds ice and soda water to the mixture and gives it a final stir. The result is a refreshing, slightly sweet, and tangy drink that is perfect for warm weather or any time you want a refreshing beverage.It’s a classic cocktail that is easy to make and perfect for any occasion.

Sparkling Ocean: Kiosk Kaffee is sparkling as bright as the ocean with its drink known as sparkling ocean! The sparkling ocean is a tropical cocktail that is known for its bright blue colour and sweet, fruity flavour. It is typically made with blue curacao, lemonade, and sometimes a splash of lime juice.
The sparkling ocean at Kiosk Kaffee is often garnished with a slice of lemon or lime and a cherry. Its bright blue colour makes it a popular choice for beach parties, poolside gatherings, or any other occasion where a refreshing and eye-catching drink is called for.
Overall, the Sparkling ocean is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for anyone who loves sweet and fruity drinks with a tropical twist.

Peach Mojito: A peach mojito is a fruity and refreshing variation of the classic mojito cocktail that features fresh peaches along with the traditional ingredients of mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and soda water.
The Kiosk Kaffee peach mojito is a delicious and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for warm weather or any occasion that calls for a fruity and refreshing drink. The combination of sweet peaches, tangy lime, and aromatic mint creates a balanced and flavorful drink that is sure to please. It’s a perfect choice for summertime barbecues, picnics, or any other outdoor event.

Strawberry Cheesecake Shake: We are going all pink and huey at Kiosk Kaffee this Holi! Strawberry cheesecake shake is a creamy and indulgent drink that tastes like a strawberry cheesecake in a glass. It’s typically made with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, cream cheese, milk, and graham crackers.
Kiosk Kaffee pours the shake into a glass and top with whipped cream and additional graham cracker crumbs for garnish. Some recipes also call for a drizzle of strawberry sauce on top.
The result is a thick and creamy shake with the sweet and tangy flavours of strawberries and cream cheese, along with the crunchy texture of graham crackers. It’s a perfect dessert drink for hot summer days or anytime you’re in the mood for something sweet and indulgent.

Blueberry Cheesecake Shake: Holi just got merrier at Kiosk Kaffee with yummiest blueberry drinks in town! A blueberry cheesecake shake at Kiosk Kaffee is a delicious and indulgent drink that combines the flavours of blueberries, cream cheese to create a creamy and satisfying treat. The result is a thick and creamy shake with the sweet and tangy flavours of blueberries and cream cheese along with special taste buds to savour by Kiosk Kaffee. It’s a perfect dessert drink for hot summer days or anytime you’re in the mood for something sweet and indulgent. The blueberry cheesecake shake can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a slice of actual blueberry cheesecake for the ultimate dessert experience.

Leading Coffee Chain ‘Kiosk Kaffee’ Opens Its Biggest Outlet In Bhopal

Attention Coffee Lovers! One of the most popular and leading coffee brands in India, Kiosk Kaffee has now opened at Bawadiya Kalan, Bhopal near The Greas Joint!
What makes it an exclusive outlet of the brand is that it’s the biggest Kiosk Kaffee outlet in the city of lakes which will be offering exclusively all round menu flavours that has been the USP of the Kiosk Kaffee brand.
Although Kiosk Kaffee was founded in Pune, you’ll have to head to the city of lakes – Bhopal to experience its largest coffee shop in India. Ringing in at 1000 square feet, the Kiosk Kaffee in the Magnificent Mile neighbourhood dwarfs will definitely blow your mind!
The first coffee cafe in the Bhopal area to offer indoor seating with great pastel interior designs and cosy couches in an area of 1000 square yards, making it the most beautiful indoor seating offered by any cafe in the state. Keeping all the precautions after the COVID-19 times, the Kiosk Kaffee franchise in Bhopal is equipped with the latest technology, including automatic sanitizer dispenser and thermal screening of staff and customers. Notably it’s made sure by the management to sanitise the tables and floor every 2 hours.
The Kiosk Kaffee in Bhopal is being run by three founders which are also the names behind the foundation of Kiosk Kaffee: Sangram Patil, Savan Oswal and Nilesh Palaskar.
“You can spend an entire day at our Cafe and manage your work remotely while sipping a cup of coffee. Aside from the standard Cappuccino and Coffee beverages, Kiosk Kaffee offers a variety of Frappes and Sandwiches that everyone enjoys. Our journey as a founder with Kiosk Kaffee has been extremely rewarding, and we anticipate opening many stores in the future, “Savan Oswal told media members about the vision that led to the establishment of Kiosk Kaffee in Bhopal.
The design of Kiosk Kaffee Bhopal was itself inspired by the City of Lakes i.e., look and calm with pastel tones all over combined with luxurious wooden furnishings all over. Founders of Kiosk Kaffee confirm that it is a family friendly cafe and you can bring your kids along for a sweet little brunch or workaholics can pack their laptops and work for hours and hours without any judgement!

Sangram Patil, one of the owners of Kiosk Kaffee, answered our questions about his cafe as an industry expert.

Why did you come up with Kiosk Kaffee, the biggest cafe in Bhopal?
A- Because Bhopal is a young city and it is the 16th largest city in India and 131st in the world, we decided to open a coffee shop, and a leading chain at that. Furthermore, the city has great potential, and a cafe of this calibre has yet to open here.

Why did you choose Kiosk Kaffee over other major coffee chains like Starbucks or Cafe Coffee Day?
A- Kiosk Kaffee offers exclusive flavours with a wide variety of foods that have not yet been released in the area. As a result, we founded Kiosk Kaffee nationally.

What is your message to your audience?
Come and dive in the world of caffeine with us in the City of Lakes, Cant wait to see you all!

Kiosk Kaffee Celebrates 2 Years Of Coffee And Connections – 2 Outlets, 2 Cities!

From the awesome and unique tumblers to the crazy and cool flavours of Frappuccinos – there is no end to the awesome things you can find at your local Kiosk Kaffee India store! Kiosk Kaffee specialties like Iced americano and Java chip are only matched by the monthly Indian premium coffee blends!

And this year marks the 2nd anniversary of the Kiosk Kaffee!
Kiosk Kaffee grew from humble beginnings as a coffee shop in Pune’s famous district to become one of the most unique franchises in the whole global coffee empire! Kiosk Kaffee offers so many unique beverages to offer, no matter when you visit, from crossovers with premium lip smacking snacks to convenience store collaborations!
To commemorate the occasion, Kiosk Kaffee inaugurated 2 outlets in 2 cities – right to you in ‘Bom-bae’ and tech giant city ‘Pune’ followed by a huge celebration.
The bonafide trendsetters of affordable coffee chains with 30 premium locations across PAN India, is on track to launch more coffee chains at a rapid pace. Kiosk Kaffee is a vertically integrated coffee brand in India. Kiosk Kaffee’s menu features everything from signature hot and cold coffees to distinctive international coffees, snacks, desserts, and pastries.
Kiosk Kaffee has been elevating coffee craftsmanship and providing unique experiences to the consumers in India for the past 2 years. We cherish the excellent relationships we have with our clients and will continue to innovate and develop in order to improve India’s coffee culture,” Kiosk Kaffee Co- founder Sangram Patil stated. “Kiosk Kaffee blends are a selection of the rarest, most remarkable coffees Kiosk has to offer, and transports customers and coffee connoisseurs to an immersive and personalised coffee trip. It all comes down to the customer experience and interaction, the tale of Kiosk coffee, and the skill of the baristas.”
Later, Kiosk Kaffee had a massive celebration at the Ritz Carlton, Pune to mark the victory of the second anniversary with the complete Kiosk Kafee crew. From baristas to team members, everyone belongs to the Kiosk Kaffee culture.
According to the recent interview, Kiosk Kaffee is grateful to all their customers, team members, and partners for being such an important part of the narrative over the last 2 years, and they raise a toast (of coffee, of course!) to all! They hope you’ll join them in honouring #2YearsOfKiosk!

Kiosk Kaffee awarded as the Best Coffee Shop by Pune Times Mirror

Kiosk Kaffee, India’s fastest growing cafe chain, maintains its leadership as an iconic coffee brand whose dynamism, affordability and popularity have earned it respect and admiration from both consumers and competitors. Today, the pioneer of coffee trendsetter- the first to roll out the affordable ‘coffee bar’ concept in India with its first café in Pune has 30+ outlets all over the PAN India and expanding to ‘Bom-bae!’ The Kiosk Kaffee is India’s leading roaster and brew expert of specialty coffee. They bring the unique “Kiosk Kaffee taste” to life for every client through every cup- thanks to their steadfast commitment to quality and guiding principles.
Kiosk Kaffee has scooped back to back trails in its awards heritage including the prestigious Pune Times Mirror Award. Kiosk Kaffee is not only a coffeehouse for Indians, but it has also become India’s favourite spot for coffee and conversations. It has developed a great place to work FOR ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES by excelling in the five aspects that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.
Moreover, Kiosk Kaffee is one of India’s vertically integrated coffee brands. The menu at Kiosk Kaffee includes everything from trademark hot and cold coffees to unique international coffees, meals, sweets, and pastries. In addition, the cafés sell attractive items such as coffee merchandise, cookies, mugs, coffee filters, and so on.
“We are proud of our shared sense of business values and quality emphasis, and we are tremendously excited about being coffee ambassadors among coffee connoisseurs and youth by offering the premium Kiosk blends,” said Savan Oswal and Sangram Patil (add), Co-Founders of Kiosk Kaffee.
Kiosk Kaffee takes pride by establishing itself as a proliferated coffee brand and wins over customers based on taste, richness and value.

Kiosk Kaffee Our Success story

Founded by Sangram Patil, Nilesh Pasalkar and Savan Oswal in 2020, Kiosk Kaffee is a coffee cafe chain that sells numerous varieties of coffees, premium snacks and merchandise in Kiosk, Cafe and Lounge models.
In FY22, the brand emerged as a sole chain to four times its revenue targets in just 2 Years from 1.5 Cr to 7 Cr. To be precise, it was a 400% increase in revenue. In Spite of covid dwelling businesses to bite dust, Kiosk Kaffee still emerged as a bold brand in the coffee industry.
Kiosk Kaffee celebrates ‘women in coffee’ by employing 100+ women across Kiosk outlets and working towards a sustainable model of coffee. The Kiosk Kaffee outlets are famous amongst the public as it receives around 1000+ orders in a day which includes both online and offline orders with a huge turnover on a daily basis.
We are also partners with various brands such as swiggy, zomato etc to help increase our sustainability practices and decrease plastic consumption.
Evolution of Kiosk Kaffee
After the first wave of COVID, the market was unstable in many verticals, and many individuals lost their jobs. However, many doors opened for a variety of chances.
Sangram says he wanted to create a startup in food and beverage where he could provide customers with the best products at a reasonable price.
Coffee is still served at higher price in many cafe’s young mob is looking for test and also affordable rate the average coffee cappuccino is high in big brands and our vision was to reduce this cost and we came up with affordable prices and we were successful to give cappuccino in this rate and mouth publicity started.
We started as a two-person operation with a single outlet open from 7am to 11pm. and have grown to thirty locations till November, with plans for 50 outlets this year and 100 outlets next year.
We are all about creating brew bonds at our affordable coffee decks.
Stop by at any of our decks nearest to you!


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