We Kiosk Kaffee are the pioneers of Kiosk Model

In the highly competitive coffee market where big brands rule, homegrown Kiosk Kaffee is an anomaly. Founded by Sangram Patil, Savan Oswal and Nilesh Pasalkar in 2020, just after the world was ravaged by the first wave of COVID, Kiosk Kaffee , if you have noticed , is clearly thriving.
Patil says that they are the pioneers of the kiosk model, where coffee is served in a small space. The company, adds all the founders, was founded with a vision to serve quality coffee. Since its inception, Kiosk Kaffee has captured the imagination of the youth, serving coffee in all its avatars like cappuccino, latte, frappes, shakes and mocktails. “We want to guarantee customer satisfaction wherein you get much more in return than the price you have paid for our product,” shares Patil.
It was no doubt a challenging choice to start Kiosk Kaffee at a time when the pandemic had wreaked havoc and people were losing their jobs. But Patil and his partners, like true entrepreneurs, saw an opportunity in all of that chaos.
What really worked in favour of Kiosk Kaffee is their smart pricing. They radically reduced the cost of say a beverage like cappuccino quite low which is otherwise priced highly in the market. Quite naturally , youngsters in search of an affordable but quality cuppa have started making a beeline for Kiosk Kaffe.
The outlet, like most pioneering ventures, started out small with a two-member single outlet. Astonishingly, they now have nine outlets running across the city with 45 employees. After experiencing success, they are obviously aiming higher – as the goal now is to open 50 more outlets by the end of this year and give employment to 250 people. The company gives medi claims and other facilities to their employees. The partners are also in sync with the times and buzzwords like sustainability, given that they give coffee waste powder to their customers to be used as fertiliser.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of patrons. So the founders conclude saying, “A big thanks to Punekars for believing in us and loving this Indian brand.”


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