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Do you start your day with a warm, comforting cup of coffee? Or maybe you enjoy the calming setting of a coffee culture café and the scent of freshly ground coffee? Coffee culture has become a part of our everyday lives and has crossed cultural and geographic boundaries to become an international phenomenon. We’ll set out on a journey of artsy – coffee and culture through this blog to discover the rich tapestry of coffee culture and cafes around the world, where each cup has a tale to tell and each café is a centre of life and community.

We Have A Story To Tell…. The Origins of Coffee and Global Spread And Love
Do you remember your grannie singing lullabies to you to put you to sleep at night? Now, GRAB A CUP OF COFFEE with us and lets deep dive into a short journey of coffee history be it costa coffee history, zus coffee history or simply peet’s coffee history.

There once was a goat herder by the name of Kaldi who lived in a place called Ethiopia. After feeding his goats some red berries from a particular tree one day, Kaldi noticed they were more bubbly. He tried these berries himself out of curiosity and experienced an energy rush as well. Those magical berries were coffee beans and that’s how magical coffee history started!

When the ninth century came around, coffee had reached the Arabian Peninsula. People there started roasting and brewing these beans into a tasty drink and started to put more thought to coffee history and facts. It became so popular that coffee houses, called “qahveh khaneh,” began popping up, where people gathered to chat, listen to music, and enjoy this new coffee drink.

But coffee history and facts didn’t stay put in Arabia. By the 15th century, it had travelled to Persia, Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire. Coffee has spread throughout the world!

Then, in the 17th century, coffee made its grand entrance in Europe making it count in gigi coffee history books. Large cities saw a rise in coffee shops, which grew to be centres for intellectual discourse and were dubbed “penny universities” because you could learn a lot for the cost of a cup of coffee.

The journey of coffee origin didn’t end there. It got on ships in the 18th century and sailed to the New World. The lush lands of Central and South America, where coffee thrived, gave birth to coffee plantations.

There is a coffee culture everywhere now. From your favourite local café to the buzzing streets of India, coffee has woven itself into cultures worldwide. It’s a morning ritual for many, a pick-me-up for the tired, and a reason to gather with friends.


How About Knowing Crazy Coffee Cultures In Various Cities Of The World?

Singapore’s Coffee in a Bag: In this active city, coffee is served with a straw in a plastic bag. Your coffee seems to have its own backpack! It’s ideal for travelling with and drinking on the go.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee Surprise: They make egg coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam. They combine coffee, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. You read that right. It is comparable to a dessert in a cup.

The Melbourne Rainbow Lattes: Australia’s Melbourne has created coffee as a canvas. Using edible food dye, baristas produce colourful coffee artwork. It almost looks too beautiful to drink!

Crazy Cold Brews in Seoul: Cold brew coffee is elevated to a whole new level in Seoul, South Korea. They give it a nitrogen infusion to make it fizzy like soda. Coffee with a cool twist, that’s what it is!

A Coffee with a Story in Vienna: The history of coffee culture in Vienna, Austria, is extensive. There are still coffee shops where illustrious writers and thinkers once congregated. Coffee is being consumed in a time machine, in a way.

The Coffee Snobbery of Portland: They take their coffee very seriously in Portland, Oregon. They have a saying, “Keep Portland Weird,” and their coffee shops do just that, experimenting with all sorts of unique brews.

So, as you travel the world, remember that coffee is not just a drink; it’s a passport to different cultures and crazy coffee adventures. Cheers to exploring the world, one cup at a time!

How much coffee do people drink in different parts of the world?

Finland – 12kg Per Person: The average person in Finland consumes 12 kilograms of coffee annually. That’s like sipping on two cups of coffee every day!

Norway – 9.9kg Per Person: Norwegians are no strangers to coffee either. Each year, they consume almost 10 kilograms of coffee. That would be similar to making yourself a cup of coffee every morning and occasionally indulging in another one in the afternoon.

Iceland – 9kg Per Person: Icelanders sip about 9 kilograms of coffee per person each year. It’s like having a cup of coffee every day to keep the chill away.

United Kingdom – 2.8kg Per Person: Across the pond, in the UK, people enjoy approximately 2.8 kilograms of coffee per person every year. It’s comparable to getting a cup of coffee to start the day.
China – 0.6kg Per Person: In China, tea is traditionally more popular, but coffee is catching up. They drink on average 0.6 kilograms of coffee per person per year. That’s comparable to occasionally attempting a different coffee flavor.

India – 0.1kg Per Person: In India, tea takes the lead, but coffee is slowly gaining ground. Every year, they consume about 0.1 kilograms of coffee per person. It is comparable to occasionally enjoying a cup of coffee.



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