Pune’s First Elite Coffee Lounge

Kiosk Kaffee is an Indian coffee chain that almost everyone has heard of. By the year 2021, people were referring to the brand in the same breath as major coffee global competitors, and its rapid growth was the subject of much satire.
Kiosk Kaffee began as a solution to the problem of providing affordable coffee across Pune is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and position as one of India’s favourite brews. Today, the pioneer of coffee trendsetter- the first to roll out the affordable ‘coffee cafe’ concept in India with its first café in Pune has 30+ outlets all over the PAN India and expanding to ‘Dilwalon ki dilli’, tech city – Bangalore and ‘Bom- bae’ and so on..
Kiosk Kaffee became India’s favourite spot for coffee and conversations!
With so many possibilities, the list of coffee drink variations can appear limitless, which makes sense given how difficult it can be to keep track of them all. We’ve selected 6 of the most popular and affordable coffee drink categories at Kiosk Kaffee for you to choose from, all of which are simply different blends of coffee beans, milk, and sugar. Therefore, this guide will provide you with an excellent starting point whether you’re ordering at Kiosk Kaffee or looking to whip up something fresh at home.
Major Brew Milestones
Kiosk Kaffee is a pioneer of women in coffee and has contributed to the country’s economic prosperity by employing over 250 people.
Kiosk Kaffee has partnered with community leaders, and organisational stakeholders to facilitate corporate social responsibilities such as providing school stationary to students in need.
Kiosk Kaffee has been nominated twice in Pune Times Mirror The Fab Champs 2.0 under the category – ‘Best Coffee Shop’.
Kiosk Kaffee takes pride by establishing itself as a proliferated coffee brand and wins over customers based on taste, richness and value.


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