Why Are Koreans Obsessed With Iced Americano? Ultimate Guide By Kiosk Kaffee

Iced americano


Well, We have all heard that hype right? But, why do Koreans drink iced Americanos all the time?

It’s a question that has puzzled many, and today, we’re diving into the delicious world of Korean coffee culture to uncover the secrets behind why Koreans drink iced Americanos. So, grab your favourite cold Americano, sit back, and join us as we explore what makes iced Americano the most popular drink all around the world!


K-pop stars BTS drink it. It is all over in K-dramas. Fans are so dedicated to having it year-round they’ve found a new South Korean slang: “Even if I freeze to death, iced caffee Americano!”


Also, before we explain why Koreans drink iced Americano, it’s important to even get their national slang for cold Americano coffee in Korean culture i.e., South Korea’s “Ah-Ah”! Are you feeling that vibe already?


If we say that your most favourite K-pop stars BTS drink it, will you go all South Korea’s “Ah- Ah” about it?


Ofcourse, we agree that Korean coffee culture is huge, So why is South Korea’s “Ah-Ah” so popular?


  • The Cool Factor: Koreans love iced Americano because it’s super cool – not just in taste but also in temperature! It’s a perfect drink to beat the summer heat.


  • All Hottest Celebs Are Drinking It: The hottest K-pop stars, including BTS and BlackPink, have been spotted drinking Americanos. And K dramas haven’t been lagging behind either. Popular K dramas, from Vincenzo to Start Up, always feature a crucial scene in which the characters stop at a cafe for an Americano, as well as a significant “moment” in which they flirt, fall in love, or simply give us some of that sexy romantic tension we just can’t resist. And with that, we too want an Americano.


  • Caffeine Kick: Koreans are known for their hard work, and iced Americano provides a strong caffeine kick to keep them energised throughout the day.
  • Calorie Conscious: Unlike sugary coffee drinks, iced Americano is low in calories. It’s a popular choice among Koreans because they value maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • Simple to Make: Anyone can make a good iced Americano; a barista is not required. Koreans love its simplicity – just espresso and ice water.


  • Coffee Shop Culture: Korean cafes are trendy and cosy. Iced Americano fits right in, making it a popular choice for socialising.


  • Health Benefits: Some believe that iced Americano can help with digestion, and Koreans are big on holistic health.


  • Iced Coffee Trend: Global coffee trends influence Korea, and iced Americano has become an international favourite.


  • Refreshing Vibes: The cool, refreshing taste of iced Americano is just what Koreans need to keep their spirits high and stay productive.


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