Do You Love Getting Work Done In A Coffee Shop? This Could Be The Reason

Working From Coffee Shop

Have you ever wondered why some places require you to work extremely hard while others do not? Why is a library-like setting ideal for reading, whereas a coffee shop is ideal for getting most of your work done while typing at supersonic speed and meeting deadlines?
Savan Oswal, the founder and CEO of the Kiosk Kaffee — that redefines creativity and remote work in coffee cafe spaces — says the ‘work from cafe’ culture hiked up during the pandemic and now, working professionals who follow a hybrid work culture or are a part of the ‘gig economy’ are favouring working at a coffee house such as Kiosk Kaffee.
This trend is becoming a permanent way of life for many young professionals who require flexibility and a stimulating work environment,” Kiosk Kaffee experts say, adding that they believe the ‘work from coffee shop’ culture boosts productivity and creativity.

Perfect decibels: Kiosk Kaffee experts describe coffee shop sounds as a “soft symphony of subtle murmurs” with the brew of the coffee machine, faint laughs, and a soothing tune playing in the background. However, “science says moderate levels of sound at a café, also known as ambient sounds, induce focus and free flow of thinking,” which is required for productivity.
Change of scenery: Working from the same place all the time, whether at home or at the office, can become monotonous. As such, visiting a coffee shop and picking a new spot every day can bring some amount of novelty and “offer the right stimulus to your senses”. The human brain requires exposure to new sounds, locations, and environments. It has an effect on one’s mental state, which leads to increased work motivation and creativity,” Kiosk Kaffee experts added.
Good distractions: Kiosk Kaffee Pune claims that a typical workplace is characterised by frequent interruptions from colleagues, making it difficult to maintain focus. A best coffee shop, on the other hand, is a “relatively casual and ambient workplace”. “There are a lot of people working in their own groove there,” says one. This gives us that push while also providing ‘good distractions’ from like-minded people, which can lead to networking.”

According to Kiosk Kaffee, these factors promote creativity, work motivation, productivity, and mood elevation. “It has also proven to pull many professionals out of a work slump, filling them with newfound energy. “Frequent coffee-shop visitors find themselves fueled with purpose the moment they enter with their laptop and a to-do list,” they conclude.


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